The Fretting Zoo

…………………………………………..Unrated, Extra-Fretful Director’s Cut!

The Fretting Zoo 4/7/08 April 7, 2008

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12 Responses to “The Fretting Zoo 4/7/08”

  1. Sarcasmom Says:

    Good stuff! Michele sent me. Now, back to the Bunny.

  2. kenju Says:

    Oh, yeah. still waters run deep! Michele sent me to say conratulations on being her site of the day!

  3. Diana Says:

    Hi! Michele sent me. You rock!

  4. Charmarie Says:

    Hello, Michelle sent me. Any bi-polar squirrel is a friend of mine 😉

  5. Sleepypete Says:

    Always worth a peek here cos there’s always something to bring a grin 🙂

    Michele sent me 🙂

  6. Sara Says:

    Michele sent me to say Congratulations! Being picked as her site of the day is so fun, isn’t it! You are very creative!!!

  7. becky68 Says:

    I know just how she feels.
    Michele sent me to visit.

  8. Keith Says:

    Hello, Michele sent me. Will be back to keep up with the zoo

  9. Thanks for sharing!

    Hello, Michele sent me!

  10. bunnylogic Says:

    Roland sez-Thanks to everybody who dropped by, and to Michele for spotlighting our humble Zoo and its fretful fauna. Yumy and the crew hope you’ll all stop in again soon!

  11. Claire Says:

    I’m running a bit late but am here from Michele’s…great site!

  12. Melody Says:

    Congratulations on being Michele’s site of the day! Mr Yummy Tummy Bun-Bun is gorgeous! You’re very talented. Well done.

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