The Fretting Zoo

…………………………………………..Unrated, Extra-Fretful Director’s Cut!

The Fretting Zoo 4/6/08 April 6, 2008

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7 Responses to “The Fretting Zoo 4/6/08”

  1. Barb Says:

    Hello, new friend, Michele sent me!

  2. Mar Says:

    Nice to meet you, congrats on being Michele’s Site of the Day!!

  3. MissMeliss Says:

    I’m sitting here contemplating the amount of grease in a tater-tot that big.

    Michele sent me.

  4. bob-kat Says:

    Congratulations on being Michele’s Site of the Day. As long as the tater tot giant didn’t fall on Mr Yummy Tummy Bun-bun then I’m sure this ends happily…

  5. Jennie Says:

    ~:-) Love it. Your blog makes me smile. And congratulations on your honor today at Micheles!

  6. Janet Says:

    HAHAHAHA sounds like something I’d do 😉

    Hi, Michele sent me over here today!

  7. regina Says:

    i too have run screaming from the giant tater. tot.

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