The Fretting Zoo

…………………………………………..Unrated, Extra-Fretful Director’s Cut!

The Fretting Zoo 3/30/08 March 30, 2008

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3 Responses to “The Fretting Zoo 3/30/08”

  1. Dil Egitimi Says:

    does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages?

  2. bunnylogic Says:

    Roland replies-Huh? What? The Bible? In other languages? GET OUT!!
    Serioulsy, though…huh? What? Information about what? Was that comment supposed to go somewhere else? Is somebody messin’ with the ol’ Roland? Is that just a non-sequitur meant to drive me nuts or something?

    I’m pretty sure there’s not more information in other languages about pink rabbits in beanbag chairs reading bootleg Bibles. It’s a big internet though, happy hunting.

  3. becky68 Says:

    Oh nuts, I knew I should have deleted that, it’s spam Roland, just delete it. Oh, & you should go to Michele’s today & visit the site of the day since it’s ME!!!

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