The Fretting Zoo

…………………………………………..Unrated, Extra-Fretful Director’s Cut!

Gloomy Monday 03/03/08 March 3, 2008

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4 Responses to “Gloomy Monday 03/03/08”

  1. Lee Poe Says:

    But I’m sure she loves Dancing with the Stars. Right?

  2. bunnylogic Says:

    Roland replies-Nope. She just wishes her radio picked up “Lum ‘n’ Abner.” (Roland encourages everyone to check out amazon or any fine bookseller for an excellent new book on the classic radio show Lum ‘n’ Abner. I forgot who wrote it, but he’s pretty good. Handsome, too.)

  3. kenju Says:

    I remember Lum and Abner!

    Now tell me: why does Gloomy Doomy wear an ankh and then act all gloomy and mean? Seems at cross purposes, to me.

    How does she feel about Idol Runners-up? I prefer them to most of the winners…..LOL

  4. bunnylogic Says:

    Roland responds-Gloomy’s necklace is not actually an ankh-it’s a stylized wire-art portrait of a one-eared rabbit.

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