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Bonus Bun Bun 1/19/2008 January 19, 2008

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5 Responses to “Bonus Bun Bun 1/19/2008”

  1. Bob-kat Says:

    Yeah, I share his point of view here. It’s just not right!

    Thanks for the visit to my blog. Perhaps you could start your own cartoon / art award?

  2. ~Easy Says:

    Hi. Michele sent me

  3. WendyWings Says:

    LOL classic, my daughters newest toy bunny is actually called BunBun too how eery !
    Michele sent me to say hi, I am glad she did.

  4. catherine Says:

    Yes, Mr Potato Head looks creepy without eyes 🙂 Back over from Michele’s as my weekend draws to a close

  5. Carmi Says:

    It haunts me, too. Potatoes without eyes would make even Dan Quayle quiver in his boots.

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