The Fretting Zoo

…………………………………………..Unrated, Extra-Fretful Director’s Cut!

The Fretting Zoo 12/20/07 December 20, 2007

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5 Responses to “The Fretting Zoo 12/20/07”

  1. gemma Says:

    Hi Roland, Michele sent me but I would have come over anyway cuz I loves this bunny.

  2. Chrissie Says:

    I eat all my spaghetti and save the meatballs (the best) for last. I guess I am slightly off…

  3. bunnylogic Says:

    Roland replies-I have conferred with Mister Yumy Tummy Bun-Bun re: Saving the meatballs for last. He hadn’t considered that possibility, and is now unsure if that is better than rationing them over the course of the meal. Perhaps predictably, he is now paralyzed by self-doubt and has switched to mini-ravioli for the foreseeable future.

  4. Chrissie Says:

    Did you know dogfood tastes just like the meatballs in Chef-boy-r-dee?

  5. that is a great pfofundity. I shall try to live by it in the future.

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